Become airborne.

Atmosfar is a sky-high odyssey set on an alien planet of floating islands explored by flying crafts and a mobile airbase as you uncover the fate of your collapsed colony.

About Atmosfar

Uncover the fate of humanity’s final outpost as you survive and explore a thrilling world of floating islands and soaring beasts. Brave the skies on your own or assemble a squadron of your friends as you scavenge scrap to engineer and upgrade flying vessels while bringing your airbase along for the journey.


Discover a planet seemingly defiant of gravity and traverse the skies from the cockpit of your flying craft: The Wasp. Uncover the Cloud Cruiser and bring multiple Wasps with you, each with its own specific abilities, as you venture into the unknown searching for answers to the fate of your newly founded colony.


Scrap, build and upgrade! Repair, modify, customize and maintain your Wasps as you become an increasingly more experienced vagabond engineer. Upgrade tools, modules and base build your Cloud Cruiser to reach new heights and unlock new abilities.


Manage various resources such as electricity, fuel and oxygen to keep you and your gear performing at its peak. Travel the lands as a vagabond, convert scrap into resources and beware of the lifeforms roaming the skies.

Fly solo or in formation.
ATMOSFAR bridge overlooking.

An open world

Travel through an open world of floating islands and aerial wonders. Discover how its airborne circumstances has shaped the creatures and biomes inhabiting it as you level up your piloting skills while navigating the skies.

The Wasp

The Wasp is an agile vessel that can both zip through the sky and hover in place. Constructed in four different classes, each type of Wasp has its own set of unique appearance, abilities and aerodynamics.

Deploy a foldable camp with the Utility Wasp or airlift heavy scrap with the Cargo Wasp; it's all about bringing the right Wasp for the job.

The Cloud Cruiser

The Cloud Cruiser is a large and slow mobile airbase capable of housing everything important to you. Bring your Wasps and the fuel they need with you in the hangar section, furnish the lounge area to your preference and pilot the cruiser yourself from the helm.

ATMOSFAR player camp at night.

Dismantle scrap

Live off the land by dismantling scrap you find in nature. Convert old heaps of junk into individual parts that can be used again for new items.

Construct something new

Upgrade and expand your arsenal of items, tools and modules. Manufacture fuel and other consumables and, with the right blueprints, upgrade modules and sections for your flying vessels.

Make it your own

Swap out engine parts, hover sections or entire hulls to get your preferred configuration: Add attachables, decals and paint jobs to make your Wasp looking its best.

Create a mobile home that's yours in your Cloud Cruiser and upgrade its various sections to better support your more demanding expeditions.

ATMOSFAR player camp.

Manage resources

Keep an eye on your resources to avoid awkward situations! Your backpack houses a life support system powering both you and your tools with vital needs.

The machines you rely on also rely on you: Make sure that they are fueled, well maintained and repaired when needed so that you're always ready to go when things get dire.

Flora and fauna

Orient yourself on a new home planet and investigate its alien characteristics. Discover a wealth of strange plants, explore lush biomes and observe looming alien creatures. Take cover when day turns to night or when calm weather and winds grow unfavorable.

Multiplayer co-op

You don't need to venture into the Atmosfar alone. Bring your friends along for the ride, hitch a ride on your friend's Wasp or fly in formation. Cooperate on the management and building of your collective Cloud Cruiser and experience the odyssey together.

What is the current state of Atmosfar?

Atmosfar is currently in early development. We have developed a working networked prototype as a proof of concept and are now developing an alpha version of the game.

When will Atmosfar release?

There is no release date available as of yet. A development roadmap will be provided at a later stage.

How can I keep up with the Atmosfar development?

We are currently in the process of launching the Atmosfar community and depending on initial reception and community needs we will supply new updates when relevant. Subscribe to the newsletter, follow us on any of your desired platforms and you’ll be the first to know!

What engine is Atmosfar developed with?

We are developing Atmosfar using Unreal 5.

Who are developing Atmosfar?

We’re Apog Labs, a small but growing indie studio situated in Malmö, Sweden. Atmosfar is our second title and if you’d like to know more about us you can do so by clicking here.

Are you looking for a publisher?

Yes! Please contact us if you are interested.